High quality outpatient addiction treatment, covered by Ohio Medicaid

The Ohio Treatment Center offers a full spectrum of outpatient treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders, covered by Ohio Medicaid. We offer Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient programs at our facility in Toledo, Ohio. We deliver high quality treatment in a healing environment, where we get to know each individual on a personal basis, treating the roots of their addiction so you can focus on getting better. Our location in Toledo is very important to us. Our facility was founded, in large part, by recovering addicts from the area, who came together to energize the community in the fight against substance abuse. Raising awareness about addiction and fighting the stigmas surrounding treatment opened many avenues towards helping the community directly. Our mission is to provide the highest quality care to the communities in Ohio and the Midwest.

Our clients always come first. We offer a comprehensive treatment plan individualized for each patient that walks through our doors. Our Director of Clinical Services and our certified therapists, addiction counselors, care coordinators put in a team effort to design each treatment plan. Many members of our team are in recovery themselves; we have walked the path that you are starting on, and we want to share recovery with you. Care coordinators work on helping you to clear any obstacle in your path. We provide a range of aftercare and relapse prevention planning services, alongside vocational and educational support, designed to get you back on your feet. We offer hands-on support for families, so your loved ones can recover too. We are here to help you. Take the first step and reach out to us today.

Levels of Care

Partial Hospitalization Program

Our Partial Hospitalization Program allows you continue your recovery on a part-time but still intensive basis, designed around your needs as you focus on recovery and treating your addiction.

Whether you are stepping down from inpatient care or joining a PHP program as the first step of recovery, we take a thorough assessment of your needs, and create a plan for you.

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Intensive Outpatient

Our Intensive Outpatient program supports each individual as they make steps towards regaining independence from substance abuse and begin focusing on changing the course of their life. Whether you are stepping down your treatment or entering IOP as your initial step, our team will create an individualized plan based around your needs, one that is responsive to any stresses or triggers you may face.

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Outpatient programming provides another resource as you establish success in long term recovery. We focus on the skills and strategies you will need to not only stay sober, but begin creating your new life.

Whether you are starting treatment or have completed the higher levels of care, we design your outpatient program around your needs. We provide the structure and support you need for continuing care, while maintaining accountability and safety.

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You are an individual.

Your treatment should be designed for you.  We provide individualized treatment, utilizing a combination of therapies proven to treat addiction, delivered by certified therapists and addiction counselors.

Facilities / Amenities

The Ohio Treatment Center offers a relaxing environment to promote healing and support your treatment plan. Our convenient location connects us back with the community and a number of resources that support our patients. Outpatient treatment is backed up with access to the services that will best help you through early recovery and beyond.

Meet the Ohio Treatment family

  • Eddie Cutcher

    MBA - Executive Director

  • Sherri Walker

    Director of Operations

  • Josh Dressel


  • Angela Hendren

    Director of Quality Assurance

  • Mandi Laurell

    Operations Manager

  • Lexi Anteau

    Care Coordinator

  • Dr. Nancy Carroll

    Medical Director

  • Matt Bell


What it means to be an Amatus Managed Recovery Center

  • Person First Philosophy

    Our mission is to get you in the best facility that will allow you to heal and find long term recovery. Whether you enter one of our facilities or another facility, we will help everyone who contacts us find the appropriate place for them to heal.

  • National Footprint, Community Focus

    Our nationwide network of treatment centers and referral partners allows us to make an impact in multiple communities. We want every individual to thrive, and become a positive force in your community. We desire to help people and communities recover.

  • Facility and Treatment

    We are committed to providing the highest level of care, delivered in cutting-edge facilities designed to support your recovery. Every individual gets an individualized treatment plan, with the highest-level of care standards and quality.

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