At Ohio Treatment Center, we understand that there are many faces of addiction. And one of the most enduring myths about substance abuse is that there is an easy, one-size-fits-all cure. The reality of the situation is that every individual struggling with addiction is different, and each has had a unique experience. And the thing about Ohio Treatment Center is that we always tailor our approach to your specific needs. This idea is the basis for our many levels of care. And it is why we have become one of the premier addiction treatment centers in the Ohio.

At Ohio Treatment, we specialize in helping patients who are battling substance use disorders. But more than that, we aim to treat the whole patient by diagnosing and treating all of their physical and psychological issues. By learning more about Ohio Treatment Center and our unique approach, you can take the first steps on your road to recovery.

About Ohio Treatment Center: Our Mission and History

woman smiling after learning About Midwest Recovery CenterThere are many things about Ohio Treatment Center that make it a special place. One of the primary ones is that it was founded in large part by people who had struggled with addiction themselves, and who were desperate to make a difference. They dreamt of starting a grass-roots movement that would energize the Toledo, Ohio community when it came to addiction. They wanted to change the way the world views people struggling with addiction. But they also wanted to change the way addiction is diagnosed and treated. This meant instituting real change by connecting people affected by addiction with opportunities to get clean and empowering them to change their lives.

Our founders wanted to spread hope as well as practical change, and this mentality is one of the first things that people recognize about Ohio Treatment Center. That mission still drives our programs today as we continue to serve as a beacon of hope to the citizens of Ohio, the Ohio, and the whole of the country.

Treating the Whole Person

One of the ways that we do this is through dual diagnosis. Individuals struggling with substance abuse issues, no matter where they are on their road to recovery, must seek out a treatment center that specializes in dual diagnosis. The basic idea behind dual diagnosis treatment is that addiction therapy should do more than treat the specific addiction. In dual diagnosis treatment, we treat the addiction as occurring simultaneously to and being fueled by underlying mental issues. And once you have recognized that your addiction is linked to your particular psychological condition, both can be treated effectively.
This approach is gaining ground in the medical community, but it is, unfortunately, less common than it should be. Addiction specialists have been aware for decades that individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, and PTSD, just to name a few, are more likely to struggle with addiction. And treating the addiction without treating what is helping to fuel it makes relapse all the more likely.

Our dual diagnosis program is one of the most important things about Ohio Treatment Center. In many ways, it is the very heart of our programming.

Learn More About Ohio Treatment Center Today

At Ohio Treatment, our focus is on providing a nurturing environment so that you can heal on your terms. And we have designed each of our outpatient programs, from partial hospitalization to our OP and adolescent care programs, with that goal in mind. Our compassionate, experienced care coordinators will advocate for you and help tailor your treatment program to your needs. This means treating your physical and mental well-being. But, it also means helping you to handle legal and financial roadblocks, helping your family recover, and supporting you as you rebuild your social and work lives. Many of the members of our team have walked the path that you are starting on, and will be with you every step of the way. To learn more about Ohio Treatment Center, reach out to us online or call 833.692.9135. Let us share recovery with you.